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Dennis Ovchinnikov, EA

Dennis is the CEO and one of the founders of the company.

He started his career in international tax and accounting field in Japan in 1998, where he worked as a controller for several companies that were actively involved in international trade of goods and cervices. After working in Japan for eight years, Dennis and his family relocated to the United States, CA and continued providing consulting services to the clients all over the world. In the beginning of 2017 Dennis and Natalia, the second founder, lunched EZ TAX & Accounting, Inc. to offer their expertise in such a complicated area of business taxation.

Dennis received his MBA with major in Economics and Japanese Language from Far East State University, studied international business taxation at International Business School "Iskra", certified by AICPA as an International Tax Specialist and passed his EA and CPA exams in San Diego, CA.




Natalia Moskaleva, EA, CAA

Natalia is a CFO and one of the founders of the company.

She received her BA with major in Accounting and Economics from Moscow University of consumer services and 

MBA with major in Finance, Financial and Managerial Accounting from National University in San Diego, CA. Natalia passed her EA exam in San Diego CA and keeps her focus on International business taxation and tax resolution for businesses and individuals. She has an extensive background in consulting startup companies helping to identify the most tax friendly state to register in the Unites depending on their business model and activities. It involves a lot of digging and analyzing, but it is a necessary ground work for any  upcoming business to avoid some serious and costly mistakes in the future. Tax resolution is another area that requires a patience and expertise to resolve issues between taxpayers and the IRS. She takes every case like it is the only case and you are the only client of hers 


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